Flight 253 attack - The rest of the story!

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  1. Maybe one day when you actually perform some field ops you will then learn how the game is really played.....until then, keep enjoying all the stories that are PRESENTED to you on a silver platter by your so loved media!
  2. you seem to be a special case from what i can tell by reading your posts on et. have you ever been analyzed by a shrink for your problem? i do feel sorry for someone who is paranoid. must be a stressfull way to live.
  3. these bullshit childish conspiricy theories fucking suck shit, the government is too fucking stupid to solve the simplest of problems, you expect them to conspire, they don't have the brains to conspire shit

    all these conspiracy theories are made to make western governments look complex and so superior in the eyes of stupid people

    if you want to know what these losers are doing to create jobs and keep themselves employed, if you want to know how smart these pathetic lowlife morons in government organizations like the fbi are, just read this news; http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-9899151-38.html , think about it, the losers are getting paid something like $80K a year, have some shit like top secret clearance which costs 10s of thousands of dollars to obtain for them, and then they have nothing better to do than to go around the web posting fake links to fake teenage porn just so they can go and kick some losers door down and dump him in their rape-house prisons, as if that is the real problem this country is suffering from, these losers will keep up their childish work, but eventually the country will die, the thing is the world has woke up, no one is taking the west including US seriously, no one gives a fuck what their pathetic gay ass presidents have to say, so get real and get a life
  4. Who ever said "governments" are carrying out these activities....very odd you think that way....hmmm???

    BTW, here is more military to a neighborhood near you......

  5. Why is it your only unintelligent comebacks can be about someone being paranoid (when have I EVER said I was scared of anything....maybe that is you projecting???). I sure hope your not scared of terrorists.....I sure in the hell am not. BTW, only the INSANE would accept information from the main stream media without some REAL due dilligence in this day and age.

    If you think for one second you can sit on your a$$ at home watching the news, to learn about what is really going on in the world, you might as well cash in all your chips now and go home.....you have already LOST the game before it has even started to heat up! :eek:
  6. even if it's not the governments I'm still not convinced, but at least it's more plausible, because for fucking sakes, there is no organization or group of organizations stupider than the governments of this world, they suck at everything, no word can define the level of their stupidity, incompetence and self-love, so let us assume what you are saying is true, then good, so be it, let these people who are smarter than the average jackass, use, abuse the governments and their stupid people for whatever reason, why can't we get over the fact that fucking humans are not equal, some are superior to others, some don't even fucking deserve to live, because looking at their nasty mcdonald filled fuck faces can even burn a monkey's eyes
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