Flicker on second monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by illiquid, May 23, 2003.

  1. I just got a new laptop using an ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 w/ 64MB DDR video memory.

    I tried connecting my old 21" monitor as second monitor, however, the colors aren't as bright and there is a slight flicker.

    Anything to fix this or does my vid card suck?
  2. TGregg


    Try the monitor on another computer to make sure it's not fuxored. Update yer drivers. If this doesn't help (and you get no better help here) go to www.sharkyextreme.com and ask for help in the forums. Also try the forums over at www.anandtech.com.
  3. TGregg


    Doh! Forgot to add check the refresh rates on the card and the monitor.

    I presume you already know about brightness and contrast controls.
  4. Yes the monitor works fine with another computer.

    I've increased the refresh rates but seems like theres no difference. The brightness control helps somewhat, but it still looks like there's a dimming mask over the monitor.
  5. Did you connect a different monitor to it to see if the video adapter has a general problem or if its something to do with only connecting that one monitor?
  6. I only tried it with the one monitor (only one handy now), the laptop is brand new and otherwise seems to work perfectly fine.

    The 21" monitor is a few years old, still nice and bright with its desktop cpu, but when connected to this laptop its kinda annoying to look at.