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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Done 777, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Done 777

    Done 777

    Does any platform have flexible contract size like oanda?
  2. Quite a few now offer 1k micro mini accounts but if you're looking for <1k then I think Oanda are the only ones.
  3. euclid


    CMC offer it, but with a minimum of 10K.
  4. OANDA is not the only one. Marketiva also allows trades from 1 unit of the base currency (exactly like OANDA). FXOpen offers the minimum contract size of $100. Both have the minimum deposit of $1. I think this will soon become a trend among forex brokers. Competition is tough and not everyone wants to be restricted by the traditional lot size.
  5. Anyone considering using Marketiva or FXOpen do some research first, both are scams apparently!
  6. Immortal


    I traded USD/EUR with CMC, they are not reliable with orders, they mess it up, also they are MM so only swing trading allowed, day trade and they will requote you to leave
  7. lol, you traded 'USD/EUR'.....I guess we know where you are on the learning curve then [​IMG]

    I've traded with CMC for years, no problem scalping or intraday trading :p
  8. MBTrading does allow any size from 1000 units upwards too, if i remember correctly.
  9. Done 777

    Done 777

    Does MBTrading have forex microlots and futures on 1 account? I am asking because i want to hedge cme euro fx (125k euro) using spot forex.
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    you are deceiving people on this forum
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