Flawed regulators make for misery on Wall Street

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  1. Makes me wonder how you and I will be punished for what they did.
  2. And I think investors are realizing this. New York will lose its place as financial capital of the world because of all this mistrust. Look how poorly the Dow performed the last bull market, almost all of the gains were at the very end, presumably because of the increased leverage. International markets roared, and it's not a bubble.
  3. I can't believe Mary Schapiro is going to be running the SEC....unbelievable !
    Remember Sharon Hruska-Brown who had headed the CFTC and managed to eliminate exchange competition so that e-mini fees remain high and are going higher ? I think Mary is going to do something stupid like that too.
    Oh I long for the days when chicks stayed in caves tending to their babies !
  4. Oh yeah, because the men have done ever so much better!
  5. OK- point well taken. So.....
    Let's put em all in a cave.
    And slide a rock in front of it !
    And hang a sign on the rock:
    "SEC Headquarters"
  6. I'm all for it - except my sign would read "do not remove rock on pain of death". BTW, I'm no fan of Mary or Sharon (or Sheila Bair). I just don't think idiotic regulation is exclusively a chick thing.
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    Great article