Flatter than a Pancake

Discussion in 'Trading' started by oldtime, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. I'm flatter than a pancake and intend to stay that way until Sunday night.

    The only problem is now I have nothing to do.

    I'll probaly just post on ET until I am on everyones ignore list.

    The only other thing I have to do is fool around with my paper trading account.

    Got kind of busy this week and didn't have time to check it. It is up, way way up.

    That is probably because I wasn't around to take profits..
  2. aaaaahhhahaahahaaa
  3. Real estate?
  4. If I understand the question correctly, the answer is...

  5. Bob111


  6. Bob111


    here is a good pic for ya to start(from russia with love)-