Flat Screen CRT Monitors?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kowboy, Feb 8, 2002.

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    Would appreciate any suggestions on upgrading to 19" flat screen CRT monitors under $400.00 each.

    Just received a View Sonic PF 790 and very disappointed.

    Looks like pixel loss or scratches on the inside of the CRT.
    Also the stand will only tilt back from the vertical about 7 degrees, not enough tilt back to prevent eye and neck strain.

    Thanks for all of the suggestions in advance. I appreciate all the help I have received on this forum.
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  4. Kowboy-

    I've been using one 19'' sony trinitron flat crt that I got with my Dell last year...I love it and have been looking to add another...the best prices I've seen have been on e-bay
    the only downside is that they take up so much desk space
    but super crisp text and charts
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    I'm running the NEC MultiSync FE950+. I really like it. It's nice and sharp corner to corner. :)

    If you can, go check out a local computer store or two to see what they have on display and compare.

    BTW, I was also disappointed with Viewsonic recently. I had bought one and it had a major problem of the center pincushioning inward by about 1/4". It started to give me a headache almost immediately. Viewsonic's tech support told me that was within specs and refused to do anything about it. Because of that, Buy.com refused to refund the initial shipping charges. Two companies I will no longer deal with. :mad:
  6. I also have the Samsung 955DF and am well satisfied with it.
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  8. I have an 19" IIyama screen and I am very satisfied. As I experienced, monitor qualitiy can vary extremely from one sample to another, even if the model is exactly the same. If you feel that the quality is simply too bad and it cannot be, insist on getting it changed into another one (If you just bought a new one it should be not problem).
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    I just bought a SyncMaster 955DF from www.mwave.com for $231.00 plus shipping. Ordered on a Sunday and trading with it on Thursday. Also bought a Matrox 450 from them for $68.00.
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