Flat Rate of 1/2 Penny Per Share

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  1. 30000$ minimom is Normal

    rebate of the $99 monthly software fee if do 100,000 equity shares.

  2. OK , you ask if it is real....so you post this yet right above where you post is an ad from the foyum sponsor that puts in writing 1/2 penny per share??? Of course its available...look above you post man!
  3. nitro


    Thanks for the info, but I doubt this thread lives.


  4. doing 100,000 shares before noon is common...........
  5. here try this, i think its real :D

    A Special Offer from PointDirex

    Dear Elite Trader Member,

    We would like to thank all ET members for their valuable feedback about our products and services. In response, we are now combining our new Direx Platinum v 6.0 with a rock-bottom commission schedule. This new product includes Premium Charting and History, Instant Execution Bullets, NYSE Direct, AMEX Direct, Additional User Defined Hot keys, and FIX API for executions.

    New Pricing:
    Base Commission: $5 per 1000 shares
    SOES: $2 per 1000 shares
    Island: FREE
    ARCA: $2 per 1000 shares
    Trac: $3 per 1000 shares
    NTRD: $3 per 1000 shares
    BRUT: $5 per 1000 shares
    BTRD: $5 per 1000 shares
    DORS: $5 per 1000 shares
    ATTN: $9 per 1000 shares
    NYSE Direct: FREE
    AMEX Direct: FREE
    BULLETS: $15 per 1000 shares
    Cancels: FREE
    SEC FEE: .0000301 x Total Value of Sales

    Direx Platinum v 6.0 Software Fee: $39.99
    (waived after 100,000 monthly share volume)

    Note: all pricing is prorated on a per share basis.
    Example: 500 Shares executed on Island will cost $2.50.
    1000 Shares executed on ARCA will cost $7.
    500 Shares of NYSE Stock executed on NYSE Direct will cost $2.50.

    High-volume traders, please call for special pricing.