Flat panels worse than crt?

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    I was looking at the setups on the other thread and saw a few references to cooking eyes and raditation.

    Is this true. Becasue I was about to bring my flat panels back because they are not as crisp and clear as my 19 inch sonys crts. Especially type. The charts are pretty respectable.

    Are there benefits to flat panels for traders besides clutter and heat?
  2. The only reason I can see to the additional expense of flat panels is if space is an issue but then I'm pretty tight with a buck.
  3. jem,

    Is it not possible that you set up your software fore the wrong resolution. Contrary to CRT's you don't have the option to pick any available resolution. What you describe as "cooking eyes" may certainly be caused by a poor resolution choice. As to the radiation problem, this used to be a problem way back with old CRT's. Today's CRT's should be OK. To my knowledge, flat panels should radiate almost nothing compared to even late type CRT's.

    Could you post the reference to your article(s) on flat panel radiation.

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  4. I think you have to consider what type and quality of flat panel you purchase (digital vs. analog / brightness/contrast/ pixel stuff, etc.).

    I have 2 Viewsonic VG 171b's that I bought about a year and a half ago. They have been great overall and look SO much better than my CRT. The difference is unbelievable. However, I have seen many flat panels that don't look very good.
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    I've noticed that some LCDs at stores have poor text resolution. Its almost like I'm looking at one of those blurry-drunk T-shirts. Any advice on how to avoid this before I make a huge purchase?
  6. Flat panel LCD displays have a native resolution that provides the best viewing, unlike CRTs which can adjust equally well to a variety of resolution settings. Those blurry flat panels may be running outside of their recommended resolution setting.
    My display is a Viewsonic VX900 that has a native resolution of 1280x1024. It will work at other resolutions, but the quality is best when ran at native reslolution (very good with text and charts).
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    I apolgize for the confusion. In the thread on the Lets see your setups or whatever the exact title is. It seemed to me the flat panel guys were making sport of the crt guys. It was assumed that the crt guys were cooking their eyes and getting dosed. Obviously, fun, but I was wondering about grains of truth.

    But my real question--- don't crts have better text than flat panels. I mean in the stores and on my desk text looks a little fuzzier on flat panels. I personally think my sony's crt were the best when I bought them a few years ago but I think many of the high quality crts have better looking text than flat panels.

    Now if you told me flat panels make better charts I might agree with you. But even there I would like to see a discussion.
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    Stores usually have all the LCDs set up on one computer and therefore at the same resolution. That's an unfortunate mistake, as the native for many 15"ers is 1024 X 768, and for 17" & 19", 1280 X 1024. That means at least 1/2 of the store's displays are shown at the wrong resolution. (Micro Center has this figured out, so check things out there if one is near.)

    Make sure you are viewing the monitor you are considering in its proper native resolution.
  9. On your Windows XP Settings, try going to DISPLAY PROPERTIES by doing a right-click anywhere on your desktop display and clicking PROPERTIES on the tab.

    Then, click on APPEARANCE, and find EFFECTS at the lower right hand corner of the box.

    The second menu window gives you the opportunity to choose CLEAR TYPE.

    This will really CLEAR UP any "fuzziness" that you see on an LCD.

    Disclaimer: Owner of an NEC-1760NX and two 19" CRT's.

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    Thanks boys.
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