Flat panel replacement stands

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by edil, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. edil


    I have two Samsung 191T flat panels that I want to carry with me when I travel.

    But the stands are bulky and heavy. Are there any replacement stands for the Samsungs that are lighter and can lay flat?

    Also if you know of any jury rig way to make the naked panels stand on the hotel desk, please let me know too!

  2. I think those models are VESA wall mnt compatable...you could get a stand that holds both at www.ergotron.com

    and i think I've also seen arms that you can clamp to a desk.

    personally I think the current stands are a bit pricey...and I've been thinking about going to Home depot to buy some parts ...sit in the garage on a saturday and try to build one.
  3. edil


    Thanks uptik, let me know if you build one :)
  4. Luto


    I did not find any solutions that would be better than the orginal stand. Better being lighter and more compact.

    I noticed that some monitors now have fold down mounts. The Cornea comes to mind.


  5. Banjo


    check out staples etc. for a desktop document /copy holder. Maybey you can use it to support the flats, folds flat and cheap. Use a big rubber band around the top or double edge tape on back of monitor to insure it doesn't fall forward.
  6. why not just cut a piece of sheet metal / aluminum in the shape of a square, drill holes for the VESA mount and mount it to the copy holder arm. Then go to a hardware store and get yourself some thumbscrews and viola - a removable arm that folds up small for storage and will fit right alongside your golf clubs
  7. Yeah thats what I'm thinking. Should be an easy project. Just need to find the time to do it. The constant rain has put a stop to any yard work so maybe saturday will be LCD-arm building day.:cool:
  8. edil


    Thanks guys.

    I like the idea of using a copy stand so I am going to Staples today to look them up.