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  1. Excuse me if this question has been raised elsewhere, but I'm wondering if any brokers provide a flat commission on the e-Minis. I'm not looking for a volume-based discounts but a flat fee for unlimited contracts, much like the way most brokers charge for stocks.

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    I think they are really good. For eminis its and all in number of 5.75 if you dont pay the subscription to xtrader. But if you pay for the subscription it goes to 3.75 all in inclusive of fees. I do a few hundred in a day so it is worth it. Then after that 3.75 number fi you do enough volume it gets cheaper from there. They also gave me a deal of 3.00 all in for the first 60 days. The above prices are for es, er2 and nq. The ym is even cheaper it is 3.00 all in with an xtrader subscription and 5 dollars all in with out it. For the first 60 days it was 2.52 for me. And they never asked how much volume I did, it was just bottom line numbers they offer and they all go down from there depending on your volume
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  4. If I understand your question correctly, a flat fee of say theoretically 20 bucks no matter how many contracts traded?

    No, that does not exist in this industry because the exchanges themselves charge on a per contract basis. You can get some very low rates by doing volume however. There are also a few options to get "member" rates which are lower still, but that doesn't pay off unless you are doing pretty big volume.
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  6. Thanks for the info. Their rates sound pretty appealing even though I don't really care for XT.

    Can you give a pointer on "member" rates? How many number of contracts are required to qualify as a member and what are the rates they're charged? Also who charges a rock bottom fee for large volumes, in excess of 500 contracts?