Flash Trading Ban ( Sen Schumer)

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    Came across news, no link yet. If liquidity will dry up, they need to embrace daytraders. Daytraders will take on the risk of the old floor. The exchanges should embrace and help legitimate props. Start their own. Ice has a trading center in NY. NYSE should set em up.
  2. wtg SEC
  3. How long do you think it will take "flash traders" to find another loophole in the system?
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    Happy to see this. Markets should be fair. Not slanted to give even more advantage to large institutions and funds...
  5. There's nothing inherently bad about "flash orders." The technology will move around him fast... like water in a stream.

    Be water my friends.

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    Yes, there is.

    Anything that gives favorable access/information to one group over another, is unfair.

    The markets will do what they want, regardless. But once you let one group benefit over another, where does it stop?

    You end up with Big Money controlling "propriety" market information (once public) and the retailers/small guys left holding their dick.

    I learned to trade on FX. Took me 7 years. Probably 'have took 4 had I had access to proxy volume, level 2/DOM, and order flow. This is no different.
  7. I think that we are witnessing the end of an old era... The era of the Gentlemens of the floors...

    They are so entilted in their advantages and confort that they can't see the big revolution starting all around in the financial market. It's the total digitalisation of the market...

    Contrary to the music industry where there is no need of a central market place, markets will be a little slowier to evolve. But as more and more people will join I personnaly hope that the market will continue it's democratisation. More and more people will have access trough fragmentation of contracts ( Emicro ) and fiber optic advencment.

    However I think flash order are just a stupid issue. How is it possible to show an order less that the refresh rate of most monitor... ban and finish.
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    You don't really think a human eye was used to make trades on the flashes do you? Monitor refresh means nothing.
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