Flash Crash

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gmst, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. gmst


    happening right now. I liquidated myself.
  2. LEAPup


    What long(s) did you hold up til 2:25pm and the VIX up 46%:confused:
  3. Bob111


    luckily i'm hedged,but man..it's brutal out there..
  4. gmst


    i was trading ES and CL ... in and out kind of thing....my stop in CL got taken out and ES i liquidated....didnt mean any stocks
  5. All indicators at historically oversold levels. Look for a vicious comeback. A lot of stocks have fallen more than 30%.

    Starting to do some shopping here.
  6. 404 flash crash not found.
  7. Just sold my long IV position at a tidy profit.
  8. if 1114.50 ES can't hold then I wouldn't put a flash out of the question.
  9. If you're hedged, it shouldn't be brutal?
  10. LEAPup


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