Flash crash II

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EON Kid, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. It has begun

    Protect yourself peeps :eek:
  2. emg


    DoomsDay is here!
  3. Whoa!
  4. Market will close up today.
  5. That's the ultimate sell signal. We're fucked!
  6. Does not mean its today, lets see over the next week.
  7. Insane swings, like the Earths come off its axis.
  8. idiots... maket can't go higher until it fills the gap made on Nov 17th-18th...
  9. jokepie


    Sorry bud,

    Market isn ot going up. only way is down.
  10. "Today" has a specific meaning -> 11/23. [​IMG]
    #10     Nov 23, 2010