Flame all you want but I've started buying...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by drukes1234, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Take care, Sir.
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  2. OK, big deal, 5% of your portfolio. Let me know when you make an important financial move. 5% of your money doesn't make any difference at all. "unleveraged" at that. Let me know when you put 1/2 your money to work. That way we know you're committed, you got something to lose AND something to make. You're aren't just playing a game with 5% of your money. Sheesh.

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  3. I guess it was only a matter of time until a thread with very productive responses had a reply by a grumpy old man that had nothing better to do with his time
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  4. OK

    You've gone from ...
    ... to ...
    Talk about a lack of conviction, LOL.

    You know what, you let these guys talk you out of your position.
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  5. Yes I do have a lack of conviction, I'm a trader, not an investor, I just see these prices as absolutely absurd, but it is not my arena of expertise.
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  6. Stick to what you feel comfortable with. You won't do yourself any favors fitting yourself into the wrong round hole.

    (heheheh - I'm laughing because I was really thinking of the square peg metaphor.... That came out well...)
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  7. Evidently if you have nothing to say about the point that was made, just personally attack.

    5% is like betting one chip son. You lose it all, your portfolio is down 5%. In fact, if I understood correctly, you put 1/3 of your 5% to work. LOL! So like I said, big deal. When you get around to making a bold call, let me know.

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  8. 10 years? Highly unlikely. You know how much it takes (effort and money-wise) to change the existing infrastructure to support it?

    Diesel is a more efficient fuel than gasoline. How many gas stations have you seen that sell diesel? And how many vehicles have diesel engines? How long has diesel been around?

    Progress is usually driven by economic factors, not idealogies or brute-force regulations.

    United States of America may be the only country in this world which still uses English systems instead of Metric systems. Why?
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  9. hughb


    drukes, this market reminds me of the 90's tech bull market. Everyday I thought the market couldn't possible go higher, but it did. Now I think it can't possibly go lower, but it does. There's something wrong here, something has changed, I don't know if people don't like Obama in the White House, I don't know if they are scared of financial firm failures, but something isn't right here. Frankly, I almost want to post in agreement with you, that the bear market is over and it's time to buy. But everytime for hte last year I've thought that, I've been wrong.
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  10. OldTrader, going into an overnight trade with a big % of your capital is a great way to blow up. I've had longevity in this business and I'm not planning on changing my conservative style. I'll be here trading in 40 years... your responses lead me to believe you will blow up before then... unless of course you trade paper money and judging by the number of posts you have I can assume you spend more time on ET than trading
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