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    I've had a lot, and I mean a lot, of different jobs in my lifetime. None of them were that fun or paid that much. The current one could not suck much more if they tried. I'm thinking that if I had it to do over again I would find a lot of "flaky" ways to earn a living. I'm talking about seasonal stuff, stuff with no prestige attached to it, stuff that anybody could do essentially. I would like to put together a collection of same, right here on ET. I knew a couple way back in the day that made their living canvassing for an air conditioning company. They worked about 2 months of the year and were frugal. I have met people that sold seeds via mail order, bought-refurbed-sold houses, sold real estate only when the market was hot, etc. I would like to expand the list of such activities right here on ET for future generations. Can anybody add to the list?
  2. CBOT floor trader who specializes in executing spreads at contract-rollover time. Five times per year, come in and work for 2 days. Do nothing (or, work at other jobs) the other 355 days of the year.
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    Grow poinsettias, they only sell at Christmas time. I knew a guy that had a car rental place but you absolutely could not get ahold of the guy in the latter part of the year, he was busy selling his poinsettias.

    Another one is parting out automobiles. I have done that twice, once was hugely profitable and easy, the other time was a break even. It depends on the car, you have to get something that is old but people still want to maintain. I did well with a 1977 chevy Caprice. The police departments were still using those things everywhere at the time and used parts sold for very nearly the same price as new ones.

    A commodity that can be traded quite nicely is fire wood. In my area the price quadruples from august to January.
  4. I would think you could find rather steady employment year round doing flakey jobs.

    1. OTR Truck Driver. Drive a big rig long distance tri-countries (USD/CAD/MEX). Big demand for drivers because the work's so horrid. But, no boss/manager directly over you: Just get cargo from point A to point B.

    2. Sign Holder - stand on a street corner holding/moving a sign around advertising whatever.

    3. Window Cleaning. If you're cheap enough (i.e., any five windows / $15) everyone will hire you to clean their windows and I mean EVERYONE. Can earn over $50 a day working for about 10-hours. Self-employment.

    4. Product demo/sampler. Stand in a market demoing various products.

    5. This one I just came across because I started talking with a cute girl in a market... product stocker. Yes, there are people who go into markets and restock items that the market guys don't touch. She claimed to work about 30-hours a week, she was a subcontractor for this company who stocked everything under the sun. She seemed to like it!

    6. Trade currencies. I routinely bring in over $50/mo Usually more than $75. Free money. I spend about 1-minute a day making position adjustments. Every month I get a check, rain or shine. If you "re-invest" this money then you can build a larger account. In about 4000 years you can live BIG.