Flag Wearing Nutball (probably republican) jumps White House Fence

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  1. Gotta be a republican. We know those self loathing lefty dems would never wear a God Bless America T-Shirt with an American Flag on it. Looks like a beer guzzling, gun toting, ditto head, Hannitized, red neck NASCAR fan to me...

    :D :D :D

    Intruder arrested on White House grounds

    <img src=http://i.a.cnn.net/cnn/2006/US/04/09/whitehouse.intruder/story.fence.jumper.cnn.jpg>

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A man who screamed that he was "a victim of terrorism" jumped the fence surrounding the White House as President Bush was inside and was taken into custody Sunday by Secret Service agents.

    "I have intelligence information for the president; I'm not afraid of you," he yelled at uniformed Secret Service agents who confronted him on the grounds of the presidential mansion.

    The man was not immediately identified. He wore a T-shirt with an American flag and the message "God Bless America," and yelled that he had been "a victim of terrorism" and that his family "is being poisoned in New Mexico." (Watch intruder shout about terrorism -- 3:50)

    He jumped the fence near camera positions used by television correspondents and ran well inside the grounds before being caught.

    The man continued yelling during a brief standoff with gun- and canine-wielding Secret Service agents.

    Agents, two of whom drew their weapons and pointed them at the man, bound his hands behind his back and took him into custody after he lay face-down on the ground.

    Meanwhile, Washington firefighters were called to the presidential mansion to investigate whether an item the man left behind posed a threat. The item turned out to be the man's jacket, the city's Fire Department reported.
  2. You are the first one crying and bitching when someone uses a racial slur towards minorities, yet you have no problem using a racial slur towards white people. You are a hypocrite and a pathetic piece of shit.


    n : a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he does not hold

  3. someone has blown up their trading a/c again and feeling dirty. hasnt your MACD been working lately Z?

    p.s. havent seen kingcobra around lately, what's he up to?
  4. Someone blown up their trading account?

    You must be speaking of yourself.....and I trust you feeling dirty is nothing new....

  5. Red Neck is a racial slur?

    Since when?

    Karl Malone has called himself an African American red neck.....

    So again, where is the racial slur?

    There are white gangsta rappers....so again, where is the racial slur in the term red neck?

    The color of one's skin is genetic. Deciding to be an ignorant booger eating cousin fucking NASCAR watching red neck is a choice.

  6. You can just "jump the fence"?
    i dont think gwb is interested in "intelligence" information.
    He dont understand it.
  7. They are slurs. The question is, do the persons in reference/question take offense? Self-deficating humor by Karl should not be an actual basis for acceptance for low grade humor. When one does that, just look at them and smile and understand that this person did that, and let it go. I am sure I could provide you with many instances where YOU could not walk up to him and say that. Not only might you not feel comfortable, you might have to come to!

    Many African Americans refer to themselves, and associates, with the dreaded "N" word. In most instances today that's the live third rail that you just don't want to touch. That doesn't make it an acceptable term because you can point to others and claim they are unoffended. Just MHO! :)

  8. Redneck is not a racial slur.

    It has nothing at all to do with race.

    It is a term that is descriptive of a backwoods, hillbilly, pig farmer, ignorant, non thinking, booger eating, cousin fucking, regressive, beer guzzling, classless, Hee Haw luvin, NASCAR luvin, English language butchering, illiterate, High School Dropout type of personality.....

    It is on the basis of behavior that someone is a redneck, not where they were born, not the color of their skin, nor their ethnicity.....

    <img src=http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/P/1400064651.01._AA240_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg>

  9. From when did siblings become cousins for redneck? :D
  10. The context in which the terms are used denote the racial interjections. You have to understand this point before you can comprehend the concept. The "N" word has a Webster's definition that does not contain any racial outline either. Does that mean that when you use it towards say a person of color they have no right to be offended?

    You have to learn to read better. I said, "They are slurs." Why do you need to interject race into the discussion? Adding the one word, race, takes the discussion into another arena. Neither area is deserving of such vile language though. Your description is filled with tons of stereotypes which I am guessing that you employ based on your need to situationally denigrate.

    An African American redneck? I don't think that is what Mr. Foxworthy meant in his description either. I hope you get better soon. I'll leave this discussion for you to continue somewhere else. Sorry for the intrusion. My bad! :(

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