FL Man Planned to Bomb Target Stores to Bring Down Stock Price

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by InfoTech, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Target management is doing a pretty good job, of bear trending their stock; cant really blame the''trend is your friend'' on any one person. Besides -polar bear$ have to eat something .....
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    Would be more logical to short them before, doesn't seem that smart to first bomb then buy
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    Looks like as sell anyway; not a prediction, one year chart. As high as this bull market, is-- that makes TGT even worse. State of TX ,AG sent them a letter, about TGT nonsense, the polar bears no doubt liked that.......................................................................
  5. And here I thought actual conmen were terrible. This goes way beyond terrible.:vomit:
  6. Assuming his plan worked...big deal...he would have netted what...5 or 10% tops in the stock in a month?
    The much more explosive option (no pun intended) would be to buy a bunch of put options.

    Doesn't matter anyways,
    The SEC would be all over this incident, and he would have never walked away cleared.

    Sounds like a dumb, overall amateur plan.
    Reminds me of the plot to the movie The Taking of Pelham 123 [2009] o_O;) ...where John Travolta's character orchestrates a situation...and his options contracts exponentially expands.
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  7. lol
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    That plan really bombed out. Why would he target such a nice store?
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    Comagnum, OMG, how did nobody else get what you did there? Fucking A-1 humor. :) *high-five to your Gumby! (I am Gumby damn you!)*
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