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  1. Hello,

    I would like to know any charting software can fix time and price scale i.e I want to have 1 inch between adjacent time and price intervals, this scale should not change when I move the chart from right to left ( past to future). I think this may help to draw better Gann lines.

    Most of the software I have looked do not allow user to have any control of it, they mostly adjust the scale automatically to let the whole data to fix in the screen.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Check out this article: Automated 1x1 Gann Angle by Howard Arrington in the August 2001 Ensign Newsletter.
    There is some interesting info on scaling and "Squaring" of price Gann style. Ensign's solution for squaring the scale for use with Gann Fans is quite unique.
  3. Stardust,

    Thanks a lot for the information, it is very helpful.
  4. have a look at:

    not the same thing but the Gann Box in Advanced Get can be very
    accurate, several programs have such tools, check the 'Software'
    list -- top menu