Fixed Income resaerch?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by PhilJW, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. PhilJW


    Who do people used for fixed income research?

    All my free trails have come to an end so are there any good free ones out there or does everyone pay for it?
  2. gordo


    What kind of research are you looking for?
  3. PhilJW


    Economic view, longer term yield curve opinions in the US and Europe, views on intra- market spreads, that kind of thing.

    Hope thats more of an idea. I wasnt very specific last time.
  4. like most research published through investment houses, you can use it for many uses:

    1. Cleaning up after your dog
    2. Rolling up and starting your fireplace
    3. mulch
  5. gordo


    The fixed income info source that I have the most familiarity with would be Bloomberg, but that may be more than what you are looking for, considering it runs a few hundred or more a month. You might consider looking at their website, if you have not already. It has been awhile since I looked, but they might have some of what you are looking for. If I come up with other sources, I will post them here. Sorry, I couldn't be of more help.

  6. PhilJW


    Thanks - I'm an ex-bank trader and used to pages and pages of in house research. Now in an arcade its very thin on the ground as theres no in-house stuff and things like the Gartman letter cost a lot on an individual basis.

    I was just wonderig if anyone had got round this problem.
  7. mokwit


    try PIMCO archive for background.
  8. TGregg


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  9. pioser


    There is a daily tech report prepared by Melissa Ryan Stevens. I get it every day and many times saw the exact scenarios she predicted develop in the market. I doubt it's free but is the best short-term research I have come across.

    I suggest you contact her directly and see what she says; she may give you a free trial or some cut-down free version. E-mail Moby: +18044756389