fixed income equity trader

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  1. Has anyone ever worked as a fixed income equity trader? Could be a very good way for beginners to learn the business while they aren't as seasoned in the beginning. I've never actually heard of anyone having these positions that I know of...
  2. stereo70


    Fixed Income = Bonds

    Equity = Stocks

    There is a reason you've never heard of anyone having such a position...
  3. Is "fixed income equity" a New Age term for preferred stock?
  4. until the annual dividend goes into arrears
  5. I mean someone being paid a salary by a company to trade for them. they don't make any of the money that they make. I guess it would be the same as an institutional trader...
  6. You mean someone like Jérôme Kerviel. If you speak French, why don't you give him a call?
  7. I'm still waiting for news about his book deal. I bet the name of his book will be "Sacrebleu! Or How to Lose Money and Influence Markets"
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