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    I am looking for a forex broker / bank where I can just change most of the currencies and get interest rate. Below is one example:

    So based on the link above, when I for example change USD into AUD, I should automatically receive 5.02% interest keeping it for one week? Is this correct?

    Secondly, I have found this website:

    Based on this website, investing in VND you would get 14% interest. I know that I would have to go to Vietnam and get a visa to open a bank account there. So I am rather looking for very international forex bank or broker where I could take advantage of the interest rates.

    I am not interested in forex trading, I just would like to invest part of my savings into another currency and keep for a longer period of time.

    Appreciate your help on this and if there is already a thread covering this topic, please just provide the link.
  2. You realize the inflation rate in Vietname is something like 19% and rising, right?

  3. Treve1


    Yes I am aware about this danger. I was thinking if the currency dropped significantly like on this example:

    Plus having about 14% interest rate, you are at least somehow protected if VND drops even more. On the hand, the course was already above 1 EUR = 30,000.0000 VND, so perhaps you could make money on both the VND currency appreciation and the interest rate? Is it not likely that currency will appreciate if it is on historical low?
  4. If you beleive that why not just buy everything at a new low?

    Like Keynes said, The markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent
  5. So your thesis is directional (all uncovered carry trades are) - so why not just trade the pair and be done with it?