Fix unemployment by changing constitution so every kid gets an ipod and a laptop

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  1. This is typical liberal thinking. Be warned, you wont believe someone can actually be that much of an idiot.

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  2. Oy vey,

    I got as far as the right to a family to have a decent home. Socialism. Nothing more to watch.
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    Politicians at their worst - spending other people's money to bribe people into voting for them.

    At least no one in Congress bothered to waste their time listening to him, judging by the empty seats in the video.
  4. How about doing things that make sense. Enforcing tariffs against China, booting illegals, and giving tax incentives only to companies for on shoring jobs.

    Is this rocket science? I don't think so.
  5. Everything he says is already in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Although I do not know if the US acknowledges that document or not.
  6. well according to john mccain that would help create jobs in america.

    John McCain: iPads And iPhones Are Made In The U.S.A.

    McCain (R-AZ) on Sunday claimed Apple's iPads and iPhones are made in America.

    This Week host Christiane Amanpour described ABC's efforts to empty a house of all products manufactured outside the U.S., after which McCain touted the Apple products' American-made roots.

    "I would also point out that if you emptied that house there ... if you left a computer there, or an iPad, or an iPhone, those are built in the United States of America," McCain said.
  7. Stupid FUCK! Doesn't know the difference between a "right" and a "good".
  8. Please provide a link or video. I will send it to McCain supporters.
  9. I dont know about ipods.. but laptops definitely have educational value. The nerdy children will probably get the most value. Most of the rest will just play games with it

    Maybe if the us government didnt spend trillions on stupid wars they could afford to give every kid a $500 dollar laptop.

    Our family bought a home computer when i was 12, back in 1983.
    My parents couldnt really afford it, so it was my working brother and sister who were early in their early 20s and still living at home, with no overheads, who made the joint effort to buy it.

    My parents couldnt really afford such a thing, which cost well over $1000 dollars in today's money.

    Anyway i learnt to program it and went on to go to university to study computer science etc, having that computer at that age definitely changed my life for the better.
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    Kids are a worthless investment, didn't you see the other thread ( That's why Obama is spending all the money now. In addition, people are a blight on the earth and contribute to global warming or climate change or whatever it's being called now and everyone should kill themselves anyway or at least not reproduce.
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