Fix Fractional Banking & Deficit Spending are Fraudulent Activities

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  1. Deficit Spending:

    If you tried to pay your rent with IOUs based on future "possible" income,

    you'd be in jail.

    Fractional banking:

    The concept itself is based on fraud. I take in $1 and lend out $10.

    ie you are obligated to pay me $9 I never had in the first place.

    Both of these concepts should be relegated to the garbage can.

    Fraudsters are attracted to these types of activities. That is why politicians who espouse these concepts have a history of fraudulent behavior in their own personal lives.
  2. The banksters are hundreds of years ahead of you. If you can get reform somehow, great, I would give you a chance in ten thousand.

    Currently Jim Rogers is predicting that the American Fed will be out of business in the next ten years though.....
  3. Money and Banking 101



  4. well that is a historical fact.

    Jesus was crucified because he had the temerity to fight usurious lending at the temple steps.

    however, in his time there was no interenet and illiteracy was 99.999%

    The internet has opened a new paradigm shift on how society will operate in the future.

    We look at past presidential campaigns and we see that false rumor mongering used to win elections.

    ie John Kerry and the swift boat hoax. Without access to alternative sources for reliable news, the public has no choice but to rely on the crooks for information.

    Obama has unleashed the beginning of the new paradigm.

    Smearing and rumor mongering no longer work. As the republicans have found. False propaganda is now easily neutralized.

    If Obama should win, he will have unleashed a torrent of hope and empowerment.

    Most of his campaign donations are below $50.

    Think of all those small donors who finally realize that they individually, can make a difference.

    I belive things will change. The public no longer will toil for the politicians and their masters. The roles will soon be reversed.

    Fixed fractional banking and deficit spending have no place in good govt. It's a good thing the republicans, and their masters, will no longer man the levers of power.

    With internet empowerment and a new generation of progressive leaders, maybe now we will have whole sale change.