FIX-enabled software for day traders?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Dorf9au, Jun 6, 2001.

  1. Dorf9au


    Does anyone know of any FIX software that is available to daytraders that would enable us programmatic access to order entry?
  2. Dorf9au


    I actually did have a look at the fixprotocol website - but wanted to know if any listed vendors actually sold a more lightweight FIX application. Do you know of any?
  3. Check this vendor out

    octatec []
  4. Dorf9au


    Have you used their gateway? It seems cheaper than other vendors - but is it good?
    What are the benefits of using their FIX gateway to enter orders as opposed to entering online?
  5. cag


    redi has FIX enabled software
  6. tom_p


    cag, I couldn't find any reference to FIX enabled software on Redi's website. Practically speaking, do you know how to utilize this on Redi?
  7. cag


    not a clue..couple of the guys I trade with use it...send me an email..ill get ya in touch with em...