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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by virnaem, Feb 5, 2001.

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    Anyone know of a good EDAT broker that allows trades to be placed through a FIX connection?

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    Why do you want a EDAT with FIX interface?

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  4. virnaem


    Primarily because I want to write my own order-entry system... I'm tired of all this clicking I have to do to get an order placed.

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    Interactive Brokers might be able to provide you with a FIX connection. Till recently FIX connections were only available to institutional accounts. However, there may now be some flexibility. No promises but if you desire further info contact a sales rep. A list can be found at (You're probably best off contacting the rep in Greenwhich CT for this type of connection."
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    Regarding the trading software platform that requires all this clicking for order-entry, which one are you using?
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    FWIW, the IB TWS (both 3.0 and 4.0) use the FIX 4.1 protocol (with some proprietary fields added) via an Internet gateway.

    I would be interested in hearing of the results of your conversation with IB sales. I suspect they may try to sell you FIX over a frame relay connection, which may be a little much for the average individual trader. If this is in fact the case, you have a supporter here who has some ideas on access that may be acceptable, both to IB and its technically inclined individual customers.
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    i'd be interested in your ideas (feel free to send me an e-mail). You are right that access via FIX is given to high volume traders and as this type of connection can be taxing on the system and group that must certify each connection. However, I'm of the belief that more and more people will desire this type of access and thus wouldn't rule out that we figure out a way to facilitate it.
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    I am an IB customer, and am interested in how this turns out...

    Are you playing on having your computer "trip" the execution without any input from yourself?

    I ask because one of my styles doesn't require anything from me but to execute the trades at certain levels... The only time I use discretion is during "event risk" situations. Being able to free this energy to trade "normally" :) brings a degree of interest to me.

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