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  1. lundy


    over the years, I have created several unorthodox trading techniques, but I never finished pursuing them for various reasons.

    I want to start a project with a few others that will be a part time endeavor.

    I'm looking for 4 other traders who would like to develop and expand upon these techniques to create profitable strategy which will be used in a group fund.

    Candidates will have experience with one or more of the following:

    Basic Scientific Theory
    Chinese Theory (philosophy)
    Pattern Recognition
    Theory of Mechanics
    Reading Music
    Creating and managing fund
    Raising Capital

    You don't have to commit any capital to join the group.

    Also, candidates must be open to new ideas and be very trustworthy. I will ask for references and maybe resume although i'm not going to be paying anyone.

    If you want to join, send me a detailed pm.

    Feel free to ask questions here.