Fitch cuts Greece to BBB- from BBB+, but...

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  1. Euro jumps; Greece says doesn't need aid: official

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  2. The disconnect is because nobody gives a shit about what ratings agencies say anymore.
  3. The disconnect is that I dont see how the trillions in goverment spending wordlwide will be ever paid back !
  4. Greece says doesn't need aid

    But of course, they told the truth in the first place, that's where it all began.
  5. You prefer your investment bonds to be triple-A and your women to be double-D's. :cool:
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    This news is sooooo old, the markets don't care what country has it's ratings cut, it's worthless news when the markets are being injected with unlimited liquidity. These fucking ratings mean absolutely nothing in this market.
  7. exactly. The west has become the biggest ponzi scheme ever. We are headed for a disaster