FITB on 02/25/2009

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    why did this stock shoot up over 50%?
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    I'm finding ET an amazing place.

    When you mention a stock, and it truly sucks, everyone calls you names, demeans you, etc.,

    When you mention a stock no one knows what to do with, it falls on deaf ears just like this post got no attention. Hmmmm

    HIG and F were both asked about in November by a poster, no responses were given, and both took off from thier lows. I bought 10,000 shares of F at 1.51 stopping out at $2.70.

    I bought 2,400 shares of HIG at 5.15, and stopped out at $12.00 after reaching a high of $19.68, then the pullback

    I guess if we ask a stock question, and we got no answer, it's a great buy as 95% of ET is completely clueless. The other 5% who are in the know are already making $$$$$$$$$, and use ET for entertainment, and sources of contacts. Oh yes, the contacts contacted are the 5%. The other 95% are like watching David Letterman, or some other kind of sarchastic "humor." lol!

    God bless