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  1. Iraq wants a hand-to-hand fight between bush and saddam, dick and whoever is iraq's #2, and down the line...equal weapons, neutral location and moderator.

    Who's gonna win?? (Not that it'd ever happen).
  2. Yeah, I saw first thought was bring on Don King (my "cousin" in the fight game), and have a pay for view special of W and Saddam in full dueling attire, or "celebrity boxing"....

    Heck, why not??

  3. Dubya is in pretty good shape and younger than Sadam, I think he could take him. Cheney's heart would probably give out though.
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    Rumsfeld would kick everyone's ass.
  5. My money is on Rep. Maxine Waters. All we need to do is send her over to IRAQ and we'll save ourselves a lot of money, lives and future congressional BS.
  6. we have jesse ventura
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    Do you guys remember the same jibba-jabba out of Baghdad 10 years ago?

    I recall the same "challenge" issued to Washington back then.

    I wonder which of his three doubles Saddam is thinking of sending?
  8. Let's send Ted Kennedy. All he has to do is breathe on them and it will be no match for their mustard gas, Sarin, Vx, etc.
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  10. LOL...we could have a bout between each Bush and each of saddam's body doubles...on pay per view.
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