Fishy in RUT 640 Sep Option

Discussion in 'Options' started by galvinlee888, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Anyone see the volume for the 640 Call and Put in RUT today ? Nearly 15K volume for the 1 day bet, which is much higher than any norm, and 640 strike price are not even At The Money Option.

    Someone know something will happen tomorrow ? An alarm to SEC ?
  2. Did the OI go up?
  3. OI seems to have remained the same. Bulk of the day's trades were within minutes of each other (sometimes same minute). Perhaps someone going long/short synthetic underlying. It would've been much more fun to watch if someone was playing the SOQ roulette wheel on Friday AM.
  4. Are you certain?If yes, I would be interested to know how you found out, as I thought that the OI is known only the next day (tomorrow). Do others here know something about this?
  5. Should be known by now. I get the CBOE market stats emailed to me every day, and that has the overall OI in this right here. I would imagine someone interested enough to notice something like this would know as well what it was on individual strikes by this time. Maybe not.
  6. I think you are right. Good catch.
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    OI is far from staying the same (don't forget that OI is updated at the end of the day not in real time, so the figures you were looking at were from the previous day). Yesterday OI was 17,015 on the calls and 15,523 on the puts. The volume was 15,806 calls and 14,529 puts. Today the OI is 28,332 on the calls and 26,959 on the puts. So we have 11,317 calls were opening new position and 11,436 puts.
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    So when IB shows me the option open interest in their option trader panel than number is a day old? I didn't know that.
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    Yes, it is a day old. Open interest data is not real time.