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  1. I find that fishing is a great way to relieve stress of trading. This post will be dedicated to fishing.

    Where do you go.
    What do you fish for....
    And anything else!

    If you never went fishing - I suggest you do. Clears your mind and you can relax.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Try reading my story entitled "Blue Fish" by Peter Daniels in "Practical Speculation" by Neiderhoffer and Kenner Its a corollary between surf fishing and the stock market.

  3. Where can I find this story?
  4. I love to pop over to the river and bass fish after the close. Great way to destress.
  5. tuna


    North Pacific,South Pacific,Indian and South Atlantic
    2 of the above running this one....

  6. Nice!
  7. Blue fish is a story in the book by Neiderhoffer and Kenner entitled,
    "Practical Speculation". Get it through your library or have them borrow it.
  8. i am into fishing bigtime. anything and everything from surf casting, offshore trolling to fly casting in little streams. fresh water, salt water, any water.

    fishing is seriously correlated with trading..



  9. dude ! he should BUY the book.

    :D :D :p

  10. I lived on a big lake in S. Florida for ten years....would bass fish every morning with coffee and night with a beer.....I use to catch and release Bass that in NY would be up on a wall in a bar with a news article attatched.....Florida rocks for fishing....even the crap fish are HUGE!....God i miss that!
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