Fisher Transform Code for AIQ

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by indahook, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. I have been using this indicator lately and love it. The problem is I cannot figure out how to create a crossover alert with it. Created the custom indicator with no problem. Anybody use this one? If so maybe a give me hand with a crossover alert. If not run with it guys/gals this indicator signals moves nicely.

    Price is ([high] + [low]) / 2.
    MaxH is Highresult(price, 10).
    MinL is Lowresult(price, 10).

    NormalizedPrice is 2 * ((Price - MinL) / (MaxH - MinL) - 0.5).
    NormalPriceESA is ExpAvg(NormalizedPrice,3).
    ValueOne is iff(NormalPriceESA > 0.999, 0.99,iff( NormalPriceESA < -0.999, -0.99, NormalPriceESA)).

    FisherXForm is Ln((1+ ValueOne) / (1- ValueOne)).
    Fish is ExpAvg(FisherXForm,2).

    Fisher is Fish * 10.
    Trigger is ValResult(Fish,1).