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  1. Intro -
    I'm 22 years old and a finance major with a 3.7 GPA. I've been interested in entrepreneurship, investing, and general business since I was a little kid. My father was always frugal with his money and from an early age, he taught me the basics of money and debt. I started my first IRA at age 18 and a 401k at age 21. At age 18, I took $500 and attempted to "trade" stocks and I made a few bucks here and there.

    I want to start trading this year and I'm going to spend six months educating myself. There is a lot of material out there on trading and I think I would benefit the most by reading it rather than beginning to trade now.

    Is there a system out there that will allow me to capture market data for the past week and test a strategy against the data? Something like a "playback" feature.

    Also, I'm a math geek thanks to my brother, so I want to approach trading from a mathematical standpoint. Investing if you will I tend to approach from a more fundamental direction - focusing on quality of management, balance sheets, future prospects, etc. Are there any books that you all would specifically recommend for more math based trading?