Fiscal crises threaten Europe's generous benefits

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, May 23, 2010.

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    How is that better than the average police officer? Similar vacation after a few years, retire after working 20 years (lol), 80% of pay and health care for life.

    We will soon have to face the same tough choices in the US.
  3. All great stuff until those paying for it all go bankrupt.
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    indeed. How do you put something out there after people have been making several years of a pension saying that either cuts happen or we can't pay anymore?

    Delaying the start isn't enough...
  5. you cannot really do it. they could inflate the economy and everyone suffers. the only alternative is pay less and people will go back to work for longer.
  6. No benefit will be pulled...

    The unions won't allow it.
  7. they ignore the unions now.
  8. Pretty similar. Except this isn't an entire nation of police officers.
  9. Yeah, you see those people in greece rioting? Whats going to happen when all our retired police & military have to take a cut. They are going to get pretty pissed off, I imagine.
  10. Maybe this will finally end the idiotic "well in Europe" arguments, such as:

    "well in Europe they've had universal health care for years..."

    "well in Europe they get 6 weeks of paid vacation and consider it a right for everyone..."

    "well in Europe they pay much higher taxes but get all these wonderful benefits..."
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