Fiscal cliff

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  1. pspr


    There is no solution now. Status quo. We're going over the cliff. It's going to happen.

    Even if a miracle could be fashioned. It would only postpone the acceleration of the whirlpool we are in. Down the drain we go, the only questions is how soon.
  2. Boehner can't surrender fast enough. Apparently he longs to be Obama's bitch.

    Republicans need to replace him with a real leader and I don't mean another pussy like Eric Kantor.
  3. BSAM


    Keep talkin'...keep talkin'...
  4. Wallet


    Let it go over the cliff, at this rate it's the only way we will see meaningful cuts in government spending...... better take the hit now while it's still theoretically manageable instead of the full blown meltdown that's coming down the road.
  5. gtor514


    Help me out here. The fiscal cliff involves at least three things...
    1.) expiration of the Bush tax cuts.
    2.) the sequestor which is equal cuts in medicare and military spending.
    3.) end of payroll taxcuts.

    right? anything else?

    The Bush tax cuts are guaranteed to expire since there's no way obama will extend them after all the talk on the campaign. So we are guaranteed to get some sort of cliff, agreed?
  6. Fine with me, democrats are too fricken stupid to have a peek across the pond to see where their policies lead.

    PS: Numb nut Europeans have mis-calculated badly.

    When war breaks out we won't be able to institute a lend lease program to bail their asses out nor will we have the resources to intervene strongly militarily.
  7. Lucrum


    Apparently you are though. I heard yesterday rumor has it Pelosi's days in leadership are over. That coming from democrat insiders BTW.
  8. I think Pelosi is 72 or so years old. Probably time to retire.
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