Fiscal Cliff Deal Is No Deal For America

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Obama's head swells as McConnell and Biden are close to a bad deal. No spending cuts, just tax increases. Democraps claim billions in spending cuts have been already made but they are just smoke and mirrors like the cut termed "interest savings".

    Obama further implied no reforms would be made to SS or Medicare - no cuts, no age increases.

    And, unbelievably, the revenue this deal is raising from the rich is just going to go to MORE SPENDING!! Can you believe it?

    What a joke. Maybe they can claim the fiscal cliff has been averted but the "Demise of America" train is chugging away right on track.
  2. Obama owns you again ...

  3. What's funny is even if the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling are averted we are still left with an economy that is a steaming pile of shit.

    Follow the herd and the smart money is now the dumb money.

    Funny stuff kids.
  4. McConnell is caving. "Leadership" going down for the count.

    See what Boehner and Cantor do...
  5. Obama did great damage during that press conference/campaign rally he held today. Running his mouth while dissing the republicans is not the way to get this deal done. Very amatuerish and adolesent mided on his part. Whatever comes out of the Senate will never get through the House. The guy just does not know how to be a leader.
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    It was a pre-deal victory lap. A stupid move by a very little man.
  7. It was a great move moron.Obama and Biden show bipartisanship,gets a deal done with The Senate ,gets the people excited that their taxes aren't going up and that mean ole House comes to ruin the day again.How many times does Obama have to kick republicans asses for them to realize he's kicking their asses LOL !!!
  8. Love how Mitch saved himself today while throwing Boehner and The House under the bus to be the bad guys LOL !!!!
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    And THIS is your life?
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    It will be pretty funny if, after all this posturing, the House rejects it.
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