FISA court transcripts

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  1. Probably going to be some legal back and forth here with the court- which is probably for the good. Unredacted FISA court transcripts should not be public reading and even redacted should be on limited, need to know, highly secure basis. At least it should start out that way, until relevant agencies have reviewed.

    On the other hand, if the fisa court judge gets a whiff of the fact that it may have been deceived or material info withheld- thus making the judge a buffoon- and if the government is attempting to investigate the goons who did that, the judge might be in a "cooperative" state of mind.

    The government needs to strengthen its hand in getting some of this stuff by getting indictments on steele and McCabe and the participants in the fisa court hearing to help give the court a better basis for turning it over. But of course, nunes is just a committee guy and has to work through the legal "monitors" over at the justice department for indictments- the same clowns who need to be indicted in many instances.

    Independent prosecutor anyone?
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