Firstrade ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Kicking, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. anyone has an account at this firm ?

    I am checking them out for long term investments, they have commission free
    mutual fund investing and stocks are only $6 a trade.

    Anyway everything sounded good until I got 2 or 3 clueless reps on the phone who didn't seem to know anything about products .

    What aggravated the hell out of me is that every time I asked a question the guy was turning to his colleague and speaking in Chinese ! blurting stuff in Chines while talking to me , how rude!

    well their whole attitude just was very unprofessional and made it sound like a back of the alley outfit.

    Is this a Chinese firm ?
    I heard many good things of Firstrade but my own experience is worrying at this stage of the process.

    Looking to hear from someone who knows them better . Thanks
  2. 2ticks


    You are already worrying and you haven't even done biz with them. LOL
    And now you are going to let someone elses opinion potentially sway you. LOL
    And what if they are operating out of an alley in Chinatown? Will THAT make you worry any less? LOL

    Kicking, there's many firms out there. Don't waste any more time with this one, for your own sanity. LOL
  3. Tums


    in Chinatown, you say?
  4. galiano


  5. I was aware of their practice of receiving payment for order flow, again it doesn't really bother me since I will be using them mostly for mutual funds

    I am probably worrying too much for little things; their unprofessional attitude and this idea I have that I am giving money to a back of the alley outfit in China town (hopefully, they are based in the US LOL)