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  1. I just saw my first etf ad on MSNBC. Been a long, long, time.

    I'm a bull and fully invested in the stock market. Not a doom and gloomer.

    Some of you guys don't remember the 90's. Back then people watched David Letterman, and just about every other ad was for a mutual fund.

    Just something to notice.

    I suppose you could call it a contrarian indicator. In that, the more financial ads you see on non financial channels, the more cautious you should be.

    after all, it's been a very good and pretty long bull market.
  2. What you mean the adverts are trying to make up for the lack of demand in the products?
  3. I hear you.

    But I think we're still a long way from "money out the wazoo" ads.

    Honestly, I'm not sure we'll get there in my (remaining) lifetime.
  4. back when rates hit 10%, everybody that watched tv was an expert in rolling over cd's

    you're probably right, it will probably be a little more subdued and subtle this time.

    like I said, it was just something out of the ordinary I noticed.
  5. no, just the opposite
  6. I am confused what are you implying the ads are saying?
  7. You mean the ads are there because there is high demand for the products?
  8. no, the purpose of an ad is to create demand, but it's been a long time since they thought it was even worth the money to try to create demand.

    like I said, it's a contrarian indicator

    those of us that have been long have been living without a worry for quite some time now

    just a heads up
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    For my stock market overall decisions I have used same indicator for like ever, I recall first saw it IBD back in the 80's. I am pretty much only looking for good shorts now.
  10. you may be right, my time frame is quite a bit longer, this was a comment on the overall market, not anything a short term trader would benefit from.

    actually, I don't trade ES anymore, but a I have some money in index funds, all long.

    so I don't mind if you are a little right, just let me get out before you are completely right.

    I'd feel a lot better about the whole deal if we could get a nice healthy correction and then continue on.
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