First Trading Call

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Unreal Head and Shoulders Pattern developing on the ES.

    Should close at the lows regardless of fed minutes.

    I give it 90% odds.
  2. If I'm wrong I'll never post a trading call again.
  3. Here comes the dump.
  4. Ok... Last post.... they got me.
  5. You can have another try! :D

    PS: You may have a subtle mistake in they way you made these calls.
  6. dont worry about chart "patterns" just look at support and resistance.
  7. By the way: did you mean the dump of stocks or the dump of your call?

    Just joking. It was funny. LOL
  8. Funny thing is when I wrote that I had a feeling I was probably wrong. Kind of like in poker... when you have a weak hand you act strong. I had a feeling whoever bought at noon was NOT going to lose money.

    Been really struggling trading these past two days. Just can't seem to get anything going getting whipped out brutally, revenge trading, etc.

    I was actually making about $600 before the Fed Minutes and wasn't happy... got so pissed when it looked like I got whipped out after the minutes I just started "trading" like a damn fool.

    It is funny when you always keep discipline and patience then once you lose its long gone... and just a couple hours of loss of composure can be very costly.

    I normally trade about 2-4 contacts and been doing amazingly well. Every time I try to step up the contract size things fall apart. I was trading 4-8 today and getting chopped up. Then I got frustrated and decided to gamble on the fed plus perfect chart pattern developing. I was sure the minutes would have some pretty grim info and felt that they would not be able to break the highs.

    Well they did... and if I had let myself get stopped out and not tried to fight I would have probably broken even. Instead I lost about 3K.

    No big deal just another lesson relearned!! Anyone know how to have you account liquidate after a certain amount of $$'s are lost?