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Discussion in 'Trading' started by miniTrdr, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. miniTrdr


    made my first trade today - shorted 5 year tnotes - wahoo. lost 62$ + com.

    figured out i need a monkey.

    todays journal-
    hit hot key to short bid +1... not working... hmm hit it again. nope no orders on TWS. what the hell? remembering post about monkey trading trends...but dont have a monkey so throw kitten on keyboard. damn thing figured out i was hitting the 2 key not F2. in 2 ticks late. bought on break down instead of pullback. pullback commences after 1 tick of profit... stop hit then drops and breaks again.

    morale of story - it takes 2 ticks to pick up a cat and throw it :D
  2. LOL. I know what you mean.
    Here's the reason I don't have hotkeys setup:
  3. and here's the reason Home Depot and every other store in Albany is out of snowblowers.

    Taken on Christmas:

    and I almost forgot to mention that since this night, we've had an additional 20 inches! LOL
  4. 2 ticks woun't blow you out :D If you could take losses with a smile I am sure you would make it. Many guys I know could not take a 40 points loss in S&P or 300 points in Euro :eek: One gal I know was wiped out by her first trade!!!!
  5. miniTrdr


    yeah ive 2 kittens who love walking on the function keys - so i have keep the door closed at all times.
  6. Tacsian


    Two years ago my cat made a trade for me while I was at lunch...Sadly, she turned out to have the same results most novice traders experience. I promptly closed out a 400.00 loss when I noticed, and she enjoyed a daily bath for a few weeks to rinse the bad taste away from the event. :)

    the answer to any future such problems...which my wife promptly went out and found and bought for me:
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  8. miniTrdr


    i was happy to see that i traded in direction of trend, original entry would of been good, profit target would of been met, i just messed up the entry hitting wrong key and taking about 20 seconds to figure it out then mistake 2 i entered late.

    i will be labeling the keys tonight.