first time today.. question

Discussion in 'Forex' started by cornelius, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Today was my first day trading forex after years of stocks
    and futures.

    I sold with a market order at 1.4545, but the actual value it was sold at was 1.4521. I then closed with a market order at
    1.4420 but the actual value that was closed was 1.4440.
    41 pips just got eaten up somewhere in the market.

    Is this normal for forex?
  2. epetrov


    I think it is not normal.
    The orders must be executed ASAP and as close as possible to the market order. Sometimes in your favour.
  3. adr70


    Ouch !!
    If I were you ,I'd run away without looking at my back.Which broker you're working with ?
  4. I trade with several brokers, gft, tradestation and fxcm, and that is not normal. Were you trading during the jobs numbers or philly fed numbers? Yes and what broker were you using?
  5. JamesJ


    did you trade 100mm size or what?

    absolutely not acceptable...
    spread at IB 1-2 ticks today, with size around 10 Mio
  6. I trade at IB using Ninjatrader. I only traded 25000, so I dont
    think that should be the problem.
  7. Thats definatley not right the miss fills you got. Did you trade during news in the us or maybe some euro news?
  8. JamesJ


    did your orders go to IDEAL instead of IDEALPRO?
  9. I traded EURUSD . Actually I just checked and
    the exchange was ideal
  10. Use IDEALPRO for trading cornelius; IDEAL is for conversions.
    #10     Dec 18, 2008