First-Time Strange Occurence with IB

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  1. Just today, at about 3:50 PM EST, I transmitted a trade, but is was never acknowledged. It stayed "blue" until the 4:15PM close. If it makes a difference, it was to place a bull put spread. This has never happened before--usually turns green instantaneously. Has this happened to anyone else? Calling Customer Service now--of course on hold for a while.
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    just a guess but as it was 350jpm and whereby IB does their margin adjustment on stocks there could have been a delay with IB's configure re margin on your account regardless if the account was well funded or not.
    not sure of your build but you may have notice a lot of traders are having issues with the account window updating or showing accurate information and thereby whether you have funds or not your proposed trade will not get execute or allowed to be a working order.

  3. My account window was fine and accurate. I had plenty of available funds. I think it was a glitch. I did speak with someone at IB, and he believes it was a glitch, for he didn't see any problems with my account or my order. He didn't tell me that he pulled up my audit trail, so I did it myself. Acknowledgement of the order and subsequent modified orders did appear in the audit trail....the acknowledgements didn't occur as quickly as usual. So, I have to conclude that even though I had a "blue" indicator that, in fact, my orders were working. Is it possible to transmit an order, have it acknowledged, and not be working?
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    Yes, we have also had the order executed not show in trades and disappear off the tws platform but once we reboot the order is present or we have had it appear, at a later time and not necessarily the same day reappear.

    for a while it was a nightmare for my futures traders as we believed we were flat, no working orders, pending blank etc to only find later once we rebooted we had live positions.

    I personally believe the more active you are the more chance of phantom orders, especially if you place a working order and adjust the price to exit or cancel the order if you exited earlier than the working order at a different price.

    It is now mandatory here that you log off and reboot your account several times a day and especially end of day before leaving.

  5. All is well now. Relogged in for the 6PM ST session, and transmitted some trades and the green light appeared instantaneously. Same with this morning. I have been with IB, on and off, for over five years. I can't really complain.
  6. Happened again at the close yesterday. Contacted IB who contacted Globex. While waiting, I placed an order at 4:35PM EST so that IB and Globex could look at it. During the chat, Globex did acknowledge the order and the indicator turned green. So, now, it has been two sessions at the close that I couldn't get my spread acknowledged. No real explanation has been offered.
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    lately, ib's 'trades' tab has been more fucked up than Courtney Love on her birthday.

    i had a trade execute tonight in the dax where i had canceled my limit 15 seconds before. it disappeared from the DOM and then magically reappeared and was executed. i then sold it (thankfully @ BE). no record of either trade ever occurring, but the slight (10 euro) change did show in my P&L and acct balance. checked the website record of trades- not there either. called IB in Europe- THEY didn't even have a record of those 2 trades. then noticed the previous trade (open and clsoe of position) in the ES were missing from everywhere. of course, now 4 hours later, the trade tab in TWS shows me long 1 ES and short 1 DAX (incorrect and verified by IB- yes... got the guy's name!).

    ib preaches that as traders we are responsible for knowing our positions. kinda hard when phantom trades occur and actual trades have no record anywhere. what a goat fuck.

    fucking unbelievable.
  8. Yeah something's boned up lately with Trades. I haven't had the same problems as others here have, but I noticed that when I do some trades on one computer and log off. Then log on another computer a few hours later to the same account the trades are not there.

    Then when I go back to the machine that did the trades, they are all there.



  9. Found the "problem." I called the GLOBEX control center, and the analyst was very helpful. Here is why my "bull put spread" wasn't acknowledged: CME globex is in the process of eliminating Exchange-Defined Options Strategies (EDS). CME Group currently prelists approximately 360,000 option spreads per week, known as EDS. Less than 1% of the more than 360,000 EDS have activity. Because of customer and system provider demand, CME Group has chosen to remove all EDS and make all option strategies user defined. A User-Defined Spread (UDS) is an option spread that a trader creates by defining the spread's legs and ratios. CME Globex receives these legs and creates a tradable instrument that is disseminated to the entire market. IF THE CREATED SPREAD MATCHES A KNOWN CMEG SPREAD TYPE (e.g., straddle), CME globex will properly identify the spread as that type. For a list of all CME Group recognized spreads, see the Electronic Trading Concepts document at This process will be completed by August 2, 2009.

    In order for me to create the bull put spread in IB TWS, I had to go to the Combo screen, and click generic, and fill in the parameters. When the spread is created, it is identified as a bull spread. The bid/ask of the spread are negative numbers because it is a credit spread, per IB. So, one has to buy the spread to receive the credit. Interestingly, the bull spread is NOT a recognized spread; neither is its sister, the bear call spread. In order to create a bull put spread, I have to go to the Combo screen and create a vertical spread. This is one of the recognized spreads..there are many, some I haven't heard of. When the spread is created, the bid/ask is positive, and one has to sell the spread in order to receive the credit. So, the mystery is solved.

  10. Nice phrasing Go4. Pleased it wasn't true in this case.

    Back on HSI again and really enjoying it.
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