First time I've ever cracked up laughing in the voting booth...

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  1. This is the <b>actual wording</b> of a <b>real</b> ballot initiative, put to the voters of Cook County, Illinois:

    "For the health and safety of children and the entire community, shall the State of Illinois enact a comprehensive ban on the manufacture, sale, delivery and possession of military-style assault weapons and .50 caliber rifles?"

    I'm not sure which part is funnier; The fact that politicians here think people are actually dumb enough to fall for that 'For the Children' crap... or the fact that <b>they're right!</b>
    People <i>are</i> actually that stupid. :eek:
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    lol....that is funny.

    Next thing you know, they will try to ban Red Ryder BB guns lest a youth shoots his eye out.
  3. Thats crazy, no kid could shoot a .50 cal straight.

    <i>"In another sign of power for the gun violence prevention movement in Illinois, voters in Cook County sent a strong message to the legislature when they <b>passed</b> Referendum Number One by what appears to be more than an <b>80 percent margin</b>. The referendum urges the legislature to ban deadly military-style assault weapons in Illinois."</i>

    You mean all you have to do is tell them it's 'For the Children', and 80% of people will willingly waive their 2nd Amendment Rights?

    This isn't fucking funny anymore. :mad:
  5. I'm just wondering who needs a .50 caliber and for what? It seems you could exercise your right to bear arms without the need for a .50 caliber.

  6. Nobody NEEDS a .50 cal, but thats not the point-that wasnt what the bill stated, inclusive of ALL "dangerous" military style weapons.
    In case nobody noticed, all military style weopons are intrinsically dangerous, as are ALL firearms.

    And when your talking about a landmass that small, with that many borders , its ludicrous to suggest anyone there would benifit.

    Only crims and the incompetent use firearms in an irresponsible manner, but a typical "ban everything " law isnt going to do squat.
  7. Nobody gives a flyin' fuck about the children. The seniors suck up every last dime of SSN knowing their grandchildren will get nothing. Educators run their diploma mills and collect a check for doing so. The abortion anytime, all the time, will crush every skull of every late term child so long as it means votes. And the, ban all the guns goofs will ignore every parental responsibility while watching their own children self destruct in a variety if ways, right in front of their very eyes.
  8. Protect the children from something highly unlikely to happen, while millions of parents drug up their "overactive" children with amphetamine-like Ritalin because they don't have proper parenting skills or are just too lazy to deal with their "problem'' child. And also feed them lots and lots of sugar and caffeine-containing junk food to make them "happy" while actually depriving their brains and bodies of the nutrition to function properly.
  9. Nice post. No matter how many of us like to delude ourselves and others that we're pure, deep down we all have a whore trigger. We know very little of how we'd respond in a variety of life experiences outside of our own limited past.

    Eric Hoffer said, "If you have a hero, look again. You have probably diminished yourself in some way."

    I'd add that if you perceive a Satan you've failed to ask yourself, how is he truly different from you?

    Just think of what your life agenda is. Making money? Raising a family? Serving a cause? And then ask to what extreme means you would take to preserve that dream.
  10. I'll just stick to my civilian-style assault weapons... thank you very much.
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