first time in history rates cut with market at highs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by john12, Sep 20, 2007.

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    and unemployment at 4%. this is so damm sick its not even comprehendible. cutting rates has zero effect on the problem because its not a problem of high rates are no liquidity.its a problem of greed and distrust and now this bailout makes people even more distrustful. this looks like a massive desperation move and the bond market,$,gold and oil markets know it. as the rest of the world is raising rates we lower. we're all screwed in the years to come.the only way to attack the problem is take the massive pain we will have to take anyway. the nation has continually pushed that day farther and farther away while the problem grows ever larger. recessions are a needed part of the cycle to flush things out and push demand down while resources are replenished.