First Thing, Lets Kill All The Accountants

Discussion in 'Economics' started by NoBailOutBoy, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Think of all the money that could have been saved!
    Screw the CEOs, we should have eliminated the M.T.M. RULE from the onset, sent all of the accountants on a $500 Billion excursion to Fantasy Island and told them there would be huge stock incentives when they came back with BOOKS that reflect the value of assets based on our wishes & dreams.
    Better Yet, why don't we just kill all of the accountants, do away with bookkeeping altogether and rely on the transparency of our govt. and the bankers mouth's to tell us what any given stock SHOULD be worth.
    While were at it, why don't we just throw in the towel, admit that we are a Union of Fiscal Neophytes and sign on to the ideas of a single Global Regulator (Chavez would be a good choice), a single Global Currency (perhaps the Russian Rubble), and watch the market soar!
    Talk about a STRONG case for Justifiable Genocide.
    Rubble is neither misspelled or a typo.
    Hope to see you all soon in a cardboard box near your current neighborhood.
    Will the new accounting standards allow for 30% Annual Appreciation of Assets as it SHOULD? (Ah, what the Hell, let's make it 85 or 90% Annual Appreciation).
  2. I take all my negativity back.
    Actually, after thinking about it more, this change will be good for me. Once the bank revalues my home I think I'll take out a home equity loan and buy some Gold Plated (maybe solid gold) fixtures and then put the rest away for taxes.