First Stacy Dash now Lindsey Blowhan

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    Lindsay Lohan switches horses, endorses Mitt Romney for President

    LOS ANGELES – Four years ago, Lindsay Lohan referred to Obama's Presidential victory as "amazing," but cut to 2012, and it seems the "Mean Girls" star has had a serious change of heart.

    "I think unemployment is very important for now, so as of now I think (my vote) is Mitt Romney," Lohan told reporters, including FOX411's Pop Tarts, at the Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party Los Angeles on Thursday night.

    Lohan also hinted at mysterious underlying motives for supporting the GOP candidate and turning her back on Obama under wraps.

    "It's a long story, but you're going to have to wait for that," she remarked, adding that she would have liked to watch the Ryan vs. Biden debate, which had taken place just a couple of hours earlier, but for an unspecified reason, was unable to.

    And this isn't the first passionate political move Lohan has made in recent weeks.

    Last month, the troubled actress went as far as to tweet the President requesting he "cut taxes for those who need it: middle-class families, small businesses" as well as "those that are listed on Forbes as 'millionaires'."

    Perhaps her tweet was not granted.
  2. No one old enough to vote cares what Lindsay Lohan says.
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    AK goes to Katy Perry concerts. :)
  4. I bring my dates just about anywhere they want to go.I had to draw the line when a chick wanted me to bring her to a Justin Bieber concert though.
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    you can't really blame a guy for being practical.

    When I was single I used to go to the ballet with a gf ... after a while started to like it.
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    I'm STILL LMAO about that. :D