First Solar

Discussion in 'Options' started by EliteTraderNYC, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Holy Shi$%^$%^
  2. jkgraham


    Me and a trading partner started following this stock this week as well.

    I was thinking of buying some $28 PUTs because this company looks like it's in trouble. But since the volatility is so high these options are expensive, therefore I sold a March CALL credit spread instead. But I'm still thinking of buying the PUTs. If it continues to tank then volatility should remain high but if I'm wrong and it recovers then I will lose value via Vega, Delta and Theta. What to do?
  3. jkgraham


    Down she goes. So far so good. I don't think this kitty is gonna bounce. (Fingers crossed)
  4. Careful. She's right at support.
  5. jkgraham


    You're right. So far all have is a March $34-$39 credit spread.
  6. I didn't get involved here either because it had already taken a massive nosedive, plus uve got oil on an uptrend.