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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Jacob1950, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. I am going to trade and follow FSLR as long as it continues up the uptrend line.

    This seems like a reasonable entry point.

    I have some shares.... with a covered call position .... the call is expiring today.

    On Monday I will make a decision as to putting on another call.... where.... or what may be a better way to do it.


  2. sniper


    Hey Jacob,

    FSLR definitely had an nice rip up off the trend line. Next step is clearing that 152.50 area. Only word of caution would be TSL's action on Friday. It had been really strong, but sold off on a ton of volume during the Friday's session.
  3. FSLR is moving up today.... so my plan is too sit tight.... I don't see any news on it or TSL to explain.


    How goes your trading day so far?

  4. sniper


    FSLR definitely looking good today.

    So far today, I have just played CELG 59 breakout that I have been stalking for a while now.
  5. Nice upwards move this morning....
    my one day chart has the upwards acceleration slowing a little.... what do you use as an exit?

  6. sniper


    I actually just took a little more than half off at 59.65. The 6-month daily shows 60 as next resis, so as long as it doesn't come back too much now I'll try and hold rest to there.
  7. Look at the attached chart, FSLR... four time frames for Rate of Change... all four pointed up...

    I sincerely think this one has further upside.

  8. I am getting hammered this morning in FSLR..... but I sold 150 calls against it yesterday and they are giving me back about half of today's loss.

    Can't say I should bail just yet......

  9. Covered call doing ok.... FSLR still moving above the trendline....