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  1. When a company is grossly overvalued and euphoria has taken over like in first solar what is the best way to play it. I never make these trades because it is a blatant top call that will punish you from time to time but I see big potential if it is done right...

    any one have any ideas or is the best idea to stay away...
  2. go big go long, but dont get comfortable. its gonna go for a quick jog I think
  3. Wait for some of the gap to be filled. With strongly trending markets, wait for 3 lower daily closes before buying and then hoping/expecting the uptrend to resume.
  4. Mother of God. Why can't you people alert me to these picks early on?
  5. My dad told me about this stock when it was at $35. We live in Ohio, so we were aware of their new expansion and their company had quite a bit of coverage on the local news. We knew this company was going to get bigger as energy costs increased, but who seriously saw this coming? lol
  6. I bought them back in the 50's and sold at 140's I'm definately jumping back in after I dip the toes in. They really have a great position in this market
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  8. The chart is showing ideal smoothness

    give this a buy. When the market rebounds FSLR will soar another 20-50 bucks

    but at this point I'm tired of recommending stocks because the market keeps falling, especially nasdaq 100 stocks.

    Just buy dips and hold on

  9. It has already swung 30 points today. Rollercoaster ride with guaranteed wiplash. I don't have the stomach.